Pobl Bach

Quality Childcare & Facilities

Pobl Bach have been providing quality childcare and pre school education to parents for over 12 years.

Why are we so good at what we do?Our nurseries are designed to suit the needs of young children, with large, colourful, bright play rooms, with a modern open plan design displaying top quality indoor equipment and a variety of age appropriate toys.

We promote and enjoy the benefit of outdoor space which is utilised at every opportunity. Our gardens have specialised safety flooring to minimise accidents and offer a variety of age appropriate equipment, as well as stimulating features and sensory play areas, such as sand pits, wildlife areas and playhouses.

Pobl Bach Nurseries combine pre-school care and education by implementing an Early Years curriculum. We believe that learning should be stimulating and fun for young children and we strive to make every activity as exciting as possible so that ‘LEARNING” is able to take place throughout the day. We are continuously developing new and exciting ways of encouraging child development in a safe and stimulating environment. 

We carefully select our play equipment in order to help children develop many skills, from toys to gardening tools to sensory materials. Physical equipment is readily available to promote children’s gross and fine motor skills as well as developing spacial awareness and problem solving. Climbing equipment, tricycles, tunnels and parachutes and playhouses are all activities that we encourage to develop children’s skills, co-ordination  and imaginative play.

Why are we so good at what we do?

We adopt a very friendly and caring atmosphere within our nursery environments, and this is displayed by the warm and loving relationships between our nursery staff and the children in their care.  Our nursery staff are all role models and recognise that children lead by example and are constantly learning through observation. Common courtesy, mutual respect and patience are demonstrated at all times.

Your child is allocated a 'Key Worker’ who ensures your child feels secure and cherished when away from home. Your child’s Key Worker will liaise with you at the end of each day, keeping you informed of your child’s experiences at Nursery and ensuring you don’t miss out on any aspect of your child's day.

Nursery staff continually observe every child in our care ensuring your child’s learning and development incorporates their interests and needs. Observations cover all areas of learning within the Foundation Phase, as well as records of special moments such as kindness towards others or eating something for the first time. “Unique moments” capture your child’s response to certain activities or events as they happen. All of your child's experiences and “learning journeys” at nursery are recorded in their unique Progress Book, enabling you to look over your child’s time at nursery with fond memories for years to come.
Preparing your child for school - Seamless Transitions

Pobl Bach work tirelessly to prepare your child for “big” school. We gently encourage preschoolers to become independent, encouraging activities like dressing and undressing themselves, using the toilet independently, washing hands as well as feeding themselves at meal times. Parents receive completed Progress Book prior to starting school.

Pobl Bach are committed to offering quality bilingual childcare to every child that attends our nurseries, offering the best care and pre-school education in Carmarthen.

Pobl Bach have always recognised the importance of healthy eating and are committed to providing nutritious, balanced meals to every child.

A balanced and healthy diet is provided through freshly prepared meals using fresh ingredients which we believe is essential to any child’s development. All meals are prepared by our in house Pobl Bach Cooks who are passionate about providing every child the fuel they need to grow!

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