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Welcome to the New Year!


2016 is here!

And what a year 2015 has been for us! So many busy children and busy staff cracking on with new themes and adventures. We have waved goodbye to the new little faces of our local schools and welcomed with open arms new little explorers who have come to join our nursery family! Here is a little recap of the end of our 2015...  


FANTASTIC effort from all the children and staff of Pobl Bach Llangunnor who in October and November created a whopping 46 boxes to be donated to "Operation Christmas Child" The charity were so impressed they came to the nursery to present a certificate personally and as you can see from the picture below how well all the children and staff did! 

shoebox pic 4.JPG



 Christmas Time!

Never a dull Christmas here at Pobl Bach Nurseries and 2015 was no exception! With fruity mulled wine, Christmas dinner for all the children, plenty of Christmas crafts and an extra special visit from the big red man himself! No Christmas celebrations are ever complete without a good Christmas Concert and the children certainly delivered! Wearing their own self-made Christmas hats and singing their hearts out, the children entertained all and atmosphere was great! 

 IMG_7449.JPG   christmas concert 8.JPG


 The start of the New Year has been an exciting one with plenty of things going on in Pobl Bach Nurseries! We say hello to lots of new faces that have joined us in 2016 and look forward to including everyone new and old on all our new adventures! All of our young learners have been embracing the new theme of "Weather" and celebrating important events such as Chinese New year and a particular favourite - Pancake Day! Yummy!

Messy fingers and crafty hands have been getting down and glittery making weather bottles to re-create what we see going on in our skies! Storms and hail stones seem to be what we have been seeing the most of this year so far! Our little weather boys and girls have loved creating their new theme table and proudly displaying their mini projects.


blog pic.JPG 


 Chinese New Year is another "spicy" subject to be taking Pobl Bach by storm! The taste buds of the children have been broadened with a tasting session of traditional Chinese dishes, while the staff have been getting involved with the help of our good friends from the PPA by dressing up in traditional clothing! 

The Christmas display is unfortunately down but happily replaced by the colourful and fantastic work of the children who have worked hard to create traditional pictures for Chinese New Year! 


 blog pic 2.JPG


 To finish here is a super cute picture of the cheeky babies of Pobl Bach enjoying some messy sensory play! Enjoy and look out for more fun and exciting blog entries updating you all on what we get up to! :)







February 3, 2016
3:11 pm
This blog is a fantastic read! :)
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