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Roars of fun at Tenby Dinosaur Park!

Pobl Bach

Bags were packed, drinks were poured, suncream on (you never know!) it was time for our annual Pobl Bach summer day out.


With our recent nursery topic being dinosaurs, nothing could be more fitting than to whisk our little explorers off to the land before time Tenby Dinosaur park!


Excited little hands and feet couldn't contain their excitement as they created dinosaur eggs in the nursery with a big mummy dinosaur on the wall complete with a mouthful of snarling teeth.The children perfected their big loud roars ready to be on their guard as wildlife explorers of the year!


No wet weather was going to stop us, that's what raincoats were made for! With the coach full up and the children strapped in we were on our way to create new adventures and memories.


What a day it was! Our little adventurers had a roaring time wizzing around on the mini cars, perhaps not something the cave men and women had back in the day! But definately a handy little get around for spotting any pesky dinosaurs! Knowledge is the key to everything so the children put their thinking caps on in the dinosaur workshop to create and name all the dinosaur eggs and little creatures they have been learning about at nursery. It was fantastic to see they had all really loved learning about their recent topic!



Not ones to miss out the nursery staff had great fun recreating their youngers days and sliding down the slides on the outdoor play equipment, a few damaged bums and egos went home that day!


There came a point where the staff had to put on a brave face, wrap the children up warm, ensure safety at all times as it was a serious situation, it was time to go and hunt some dinosaurs on the adventure trail!



There needn't have been any panic though as the children helped relieve the anguish of the staff by holding their hands and comforting them when they felt scared, one particular dinosaur soldier even told a member of staff, "It's ok, don't be scared, my stick will keep us safe!" There were loud gasps and the binocular hands came out as large and small monsters were appearing out from the trees, swamps and bushes - the look of excitement and happiness on the children's faces despite the drizzly weather was worth every second.



After a busy morning and afternoon, the little dinosaur hunters recharged their batteries in the cafe where they feasted on turkey dinosaurs, a perfect meal for growing cave boys and girls, before climbing back onto the big bus for the ride home. There must have been alot of energy going into having that much fun as our dinosaur explorers made the perfect bed for themselves on the bus and snuggled down for a snooze on the way home! 



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